High-Speed Internet and TV Available No Matter Where You Live

Communication, Home Security and Cell Boosting Providers for Outside of City Limits

Narrow Way Communications is a local alternative service provider, offering the under-served areas of the Northwest with reliable and competitive TV, Internet and Phone services. We also specialize in Home Security,  Automation, Cell Boosting in both residential and commercial locations.

Most cable and phone service providers can not reliably reach places outside city limits.  We at Narrow Way Communications, extend our reach by taking services well past city limits and into off grid locations. With 16 years of experience, we are the preferred provider for all your home services when looking for an alternative to traditional TV, internet and phone companies.

We are the BEST option for all areas in Western and Central Washington, Southern Oregon and Northern California.


We Do What Other Companies Won't or Can't

We are local, family owned and operated since 2001. We stand behind everything we do, and provide a faster solution, rather than just an excuse. If you have had another company or technician tell you they could not get you service, then get a second opinion through us. We have a 100% success rate in getting homes serviced, when they were previously told they could not be helped.



At Narrow Way Communciations, it's a local call the first time and every time. No calling 1-800-INDIA (where they can tell you whatever they think you want to hear and you will never speak with the same person twice), with no phone tree or re-sourcing. If you are tired of not being called back, being treated like a number, then deal with the local option where you CAN speak with the same person each time, and place a face with the name. 



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