SBA Certified Satellite Service Provider  

Whether it is for television, internet, phone systems, home automation or security purposes, we provide a state of the art service for your home or business. 


TV packages tend to have more channel capabilities and better quality video than most cable packages, and also feature extras like audio and personal video packages.


Phones give your home or business the ability to receive and make phone calls over your computer system.


Home Automation gives you the ability to turn on television and sound equipment, adjust lighting, set the temperature of thermostats and air conditioners, and more through a designated remote control or even with your mobile phone.  It’s also an ideal function that enhances the abilities of security cameras, alarm systems and door lock.  


We are not limited by the rules and policies of the bigger companies and hourly employees, which for you will mean we can do more to get you up and running.  We have a 100% success rate getting people set up with TV, Internet, Phone, Automation and security where other companies say no or can’t. 


Narrow Way Communications is a Washington-based, Satellite Broadcaster Association Certified, provider for all of these services. And we service all across the Olympic Peninsula, Hood Canal, Western Puget Sound and Southern Oregon.

A Leading Satellite Provider

At Narrow Way Communications, we believe in extending our services well past city limits. That is exactly why our company, with 10-plus years of industry experience, extends our reach to support the more underserved areas. Instead of making excuses like most cable providers, we strive to find a solution and get the job done. And it shows in our quality customer service and the overall satisfaction that we bring.



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